Buy & Eat: Bali Visit 3

Handicraft Heaven and Luwak Coffee Plantations

Ubud Market, Bali
The land of local artists and have inspired people with their creations. Batik, sarongs, wooden works, metal works, jewelry and many more are the don’t-miss items that no one can resist to open wallets to spend. 
The famous Balinese drink is coffee. The coffee plantations at Kintamanee village have produced world class coffee beans and Luwak Coffee is the leader.

For food, local dishes that we have to try are long listed. The popular meat we can find easily is chicken. However, the famous restaurants in Bali serve variety meat from pork, duck, fish and chicken and a few serve beef.

Handicraft Shopping Centre
Cerning Bagus, Batu Bulan Rd., Ubud
This shopping centre is underrated; it is indoor centre selling cheap and fixed prices handicraft that you can spend an hour or more without complaining. While Ubud Market is the hub for tourists from its city centre location and the customers have to bargain for the prices.

Products at Siminyak are not the same at local shopping centres, there are more upscale and worth to spend for yourself. They sell evening dresses, accessories, art paintings, Asian bronze images and tropical style furniture.

Food and Drinks

Coffee Plantations at Kintamanee Village
Don’t miss coffee testing at coffee plantations growing coffee on the fertile highland. They serve a long list of coffee and herbal tea. The highlight is Luwak Coffee from Civets crap.

More information;
The origin of Luwak coffee came from Indonesian farmers during Dutch colonial era since early 18 century were not allowed to pick coffee fruits for personal use. They learned that civet cats consumed coffee fruits and left dropping in form of undigested seeds. So the farmers picked, cleaned, roasted and ground them for making the beverage. Later, the Dutch listened to the story of aromatic coffee; Luwak Coffee became the famous since then.

Ethical or animal-friendly Luwak coffee is from wild living civet cats, not from caged civets. Farmers will pick the civets crap from nature. Best quality Luwak Coffee comes from stress-free wild civet cats, they select the ripest coffee cherries. On the contrary, caged civet cats merely eat feeding coffee cherries from the provide options.

Lunch Buffet with Volcanic and Lake View at Kintamanee Village
The food are not outstanding, they serve a variety of Indonesian food from satay, fried noodle, fried vegetables, fried rice, fruits and free flow of coffee and tea.

Everyone visits here for the fantastic picture of volcanic Mount Batur and Batur Lake. Sitting on the balcony is a-must.

Roadside Durian Eating
Balinese has grown local durians and sell them at the roadside stalls, better to have them freshly at the stall. I found their tastes are ok but not special, seeds are big and providing sweet meat.

Babi Guling - Roast Pork, Bali
Lotus Pond at Lotus Cafe - Swarvati Temple, Ubud 

Recommended Restaurants

Lotus Café, Ubud City Centre
Upscale Balinese and Indonesian food with traditional dance performances in front of the gate of Swarvati Temple as the exotic backdrop on the lotus pond
Pay extra 80,000IDR for the seats on the pavilion and privilege to see the shows closely.

White Box, Jalan Raya Andong, Ubud
French patisserie by Japanese chef, serving delicious Western food and yummy bakery in the little white cottage

Chiriguito, Seminyak Beach
Their international dishes are tasty from Asian fried noodle to hamburger and wood fired oven pizza. Cocktails and beers are serving to customers who sitting on bean bags on the sandy beach while listening to live music happily.

Mozzarella, Seminyak
They have many branches, Seminyak branch is crowded and lively, and the staffs are attentive. Italian food and sweets are nice.

The Bistrot, Seminyak
I highly recommend this café. Their coffee and desserts are awesome. Expect packed customers but worth to try!

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