Remarkable Balinese Temples

The Art of Hinduism Architecture outside India

Tirta Empul Temple - Holy Water Temple, Bali
Bali is one of a few Hinduism kingdoms in the World, apart from India and Nepal. Their temples are the great heritages which are unique and charming. Balinese have built the temples on stunning locations around the island.

Balinese temples have their pagodas with multi roof tiers. The thatch roof made from very durable local grasses that long last for 10-20 years. Their structure made from wood without walls.

I has visited wonderful temples on various places and remembered them from their titles.

Uluwatu - Temple on the Cliff, Bali

Uluwatu – Temple on the Cliff
1 hr. drive from Denpasar International Airport, it is the closest famous temples from the airport, located on the cliff and there are a lot of monkeys waiting to snatch hats, sunglasses and bags from tourists.

Pura Taman Ayun – Royal Temple
The royal temple of Mengwi dynasty is one of the Water Temples under “Subak” which manage and control the irrigation system throughout the island.

Ulun Danu Bratan – Temple by the Lake
The day I went there was the pleasant day with cool weather and really enjoyed the beautiful garden with pine trees. The temple situated on the lakeside on the hill.

Besakih - Mother Temple, Bali
Besakih - Mother Temple
The most important temple of the island, so called “Mother Temple”, located on the hill with multi steps to the top. If you are lucky getting there while the ceremony is preceding you will experience the sacred Balinese cultural heritage which is so beautiful and very impressive. They decorate temple with flowers and many items from natural materials.

For tourists, please beware of unidentified guides waiting for commission at the entrance. Talk to your formal guide about this situation to avoid them before arriving at the temple.

Spring Pool, Tirta Empul - Holy Water Temple

Tirta Empul - Holy Water Temple
This is my most favourite temple in Bali. They have 3-4 natural pools with spring from the ground. People take a bath at the pool for the religion purpose and foreigners are allowed to do that also. Clear cool water for taking a bath, Balinese architecture and local people going to make a merit are the perfect combination to make this place very distinguished.

There was a ceremony and parade on the day I visited, a long line of local people in white and yellow dress went down from the green hill outside the temple with God images. They played the local music and show the guardian dance. Women brought their stuffs to worship by placing them on their heads such as fruit towers and hand-made boxes.

Tanah Lot -Temple on the Sea
Tanah Lot located on the Sea; people can walk to the temple during the low tide. Black sandy beach under the strong sun cannot stop the tourist flocks, this place have the most amount of visitors when I arriving there. 

Actually, Balinese has uncountable temples from family temple at home, village temples at neighbour and grand temples for the important ceremonies. Visiting Bali is laid-back moment and welcomes me to walk slower with spiritual mind.

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