Yogyakarta, Central Java

The City that Fit for Prosper
Bank of Indonesia Building, Yogyakarta City Centre

As the base for visiting 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Central Java, Yogyakarta or Jogja is one of the most popular cities in Indonesia. City itself has a lot of prominent cultural spots and surrounded by artistic people and handicraft stuffs.
Travellers always spend a day in the city for sightseeing and shopping, mainly historic landmarks and batiks.
Kraton - Sultan Palace, Yogyakarta

Kraton (Sultan’s Palace)
Located in old town and opened for tourists visit. Kraton is consisting of many Javanese pavilions and enclosed with walls. Inside the walls, there are cultural activities performed regularly by the skillful court artists such as traditional classical music band.

When we entered to Kraton, time walked back to the old days, court servants in Javanese dress both men and women playing music, guiding tourists, guarding rooms and even reading newspaper were around.

Batik museum is the most interesting spot. It displayed collection of hand-made batiks created by Indonesian great artists. Brown is the royal batik colour for the court use. Photographs are not allowed inside the museum.

Other museums presented collection of sultans and royal family’s stuffs such as portraits, furniture, dress, and kitchen utensils.

Taman Sari - Water Castle, Yogyakarta

Taman Sari (Water Castle)
Taman Sari was the personal garden of sultans in 18th century. There are bathing pools surrounded by walls and 3-storey building.

After visiting Kraton, I walked to Taman Sari by following vague sign. I went through the tunnel to the site, not from main entrance. This way, I had to pass old town neighborhood and bird market (Pasar Ngasem). Conversation with the local was a great friendship I got from getting lost. An Indonesian guy who living in the corner of the shortcut to Taman Sari, he has to point the way day after day and he never bored. He is so friendly and happy to talk with tourists.

Vderburg, Former Dutch Administrative Office and Fort, Yogyakarta

Vderburg (Fort)
Dutch fort and administrative office during the colonial era is located on the main road of the city, not far from Jalan Malioboro. Inside the fort is museum about Indonesian independence, courtyard and old buildings in Dutch colonial architecture.

Vderburg is the plain attraction which we can spend a short time to visit or skip it. Opposite Vderburg is the governor house and nearby is the Bank of Indonesia.

Jalan Malioboro and Pasar Beringharjo (Market), please see details from Eat & Buy.

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