Landmarks: Town of Luang Prabang

Wat Xiang Thong, Royal Palace Museum and Phou Si
Wat Chiang Thong

The wealth of Luang Prabang culture since its establishment as the capital of the Lan Xang kingdom from the 14th century to the present, shining in various parts from Buddhist arts, decoration and architecture, visitors should spend a lot of time indulging them.

Wat Xiang Thong
The most important temple of Laos, their ubosot is the top tier of Lan Xang architecture. The exterior walls of viharn are decorated with depicted colorful gliding glasses. Wooden carving of gables, doors and windows of the royal carriage pavilion are detailing.

Admission fee 20,000 KIP

Royal Palace Museum

Royal Palace Museum
This landmark is my most favorite. Valuable items showcase is the masterpiece with the history of the late Lao Dynasty.

Apart from the palace, the area also includes the pavilion enshrining “Pra Bang” the most importance Buddha image of Laos. Unfortunately, the museum offers Buddhists worship only from the outside.

Opposite to the pavilion is the royal theatre. Tourists can book tickets to the Khon performance (Ramayana ballet) shown in the evening. (Only date and time as announced on the board)

Admission fee 30,000 KIP

Chedi, Phou Si 

Phou Si
The front entrance is facing the Royal Palace Museum. This statue has two entrances leading to the top of the hill. The front entrance is less steep than the back entrance. Going down by the back side leads you through the winding steps of the monastery and watching Buddhist monks doing activities along the way are interesting.

At the top of the hill is composed of chedi containing the Buddha relics, little pavilion and the outdoor terrace. Nearly all the tourists are congregated here at sunrise and sunset. If you avoid such times and nice weather available, you will be given an opportunity to enjoy Luang Prabang in the wide angle, the mountains, the lush green trees, Mekong River, Nam Khan River and the town are amazing.

Admission fee 20,000 KIP

Viharn, Wat Siphoutthabath

Hidden Gems: Wat Siphoutthabath
The temple is located next to the famous bar IKON CLUB. The ground area is the site of a small viharn, poor condition but charming. The base of the building, there are drains decorated with stucco molds, mythical human opening mouth by hands, such lovely design.

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