About Me/Contact

 My name is Nam Onrit, 
this is about me and my blog.

What is ASEAN World Heritage?
a.k.a AWH

It’s a personal blog of Thai native blogger who inspired by home town historical heritages. Desire to travel throughout Southeast Asia exploring UNESCO World Heritage sites, people, history, natures and cultures.

ASEAN plays the big role for people living in the region have great opportunity to travel across, join and share the growing economy and appreciate their heritages together.

My Progress                                                        
+ I've started the blog for over 6 year and 4 months @end of 2016 
+ Finished all of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Thailand and Vietnam
+ Visited 27 from 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southeast Asia
+ Have been to 9 of 10 countries in Southeast Asia except Brunei. 
+ My last visit is Laos in November, 2016 for exploring the UNESCO WHS site "Town of Luang Prabang", in the North of Laos.

For 2017
After my numerous journeys throughout Southeast Asia, I have done a lot of jobs and got valuable memories which I have shared for more than 6 years to the readers who have traveled to the region. 

I am willing to talk and giving MORE advice about my historical, cultural and local travel INSIGHT to help you have good trips during traveling in Southeast Asia.

Bangkok where I has lived nearly 30 years 
Chiang Mai where I spent 6 years there 
Kamphaeng Phet, my home town and being one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites where rather off the beaten tracks
Thailand as my country  
Southeast Asia which I have met wonderful people and great places

Nam Onrit